The MSE Research and Promotion Center (MSE Center) undertakes research and the development of a nanoscale mechanical evaluation method, Micro Slurry-jet Erosion (MSE) test. This is a new type of solid particle impact erosion test for swift evaluation of surface strenght properties of various materials which has been developed by the University of Fukui and various collaborative research groups.

Publications / News (Latest 5 topics)

  • 2018/10 Publications

    【Explanation】Innovation of the evaluation technique of surface strength of various materials from the research on erosive wear, Yoshiro IWAI, Journal of Textile Engineering, 71, 10, (2018-10) 33-38. [in Japanese]
  • 2017/12 Publications

    【Explanation】Evaluation and analysis of coating strength by Micro Slurry-jet Erosion (MSE) test method, Yoshiro IWAI, Tohru MATSUBARA, Journal of the Surface Finishing Society of Japan, 68, 12, (2017-12) 702-706. [in Japanese]
  • 2017/12 Publications

    【Explanation】Evaluation and Visualization of Surface Properties of Tribo-Materials, Tohru MATSUBARA, Yoshiro IWAI, Journal of Japanese Society of Tribologists, 62, 12, (2017-12) 773-779. [in Japanese]
  • 2017/09 News

    【Visit】 The Japan Society of Polymer Processing visited MSE Research and Promotion Center in September 5th.
  • 2017/07 News

    【Award】Yoshiro Iwai (Univ. of Fukui) won the 2016 Distinguished Tribologists Award.